A Question of Identity?

Looking for British-born citizens of Irish descent, particularly people who were teenagers in the 1970s / early 1980s.

My PhD focuses on the shaping of identity in young British-Irish in times of conflict: Teenagers who grew up in families of Irish background while at the same time living in a British society whose view on Ireland and everything Irish was strongly influenced by the Troubles. The marginalisation of the Irish community in Great Britain as well as the rise of British nationalism in the early 1980s are compared with memories and emotions connected to "being Irish", and how Irishness is experienced in such an environment. 

I would be interested in conducting structured interviews with people born to Irish (grand-)parents and raised in Britain, preferably of the birth cohorts 1960 to 1970. I would be happy to talk to you about your experiences, so please contact me to arrange an initial talk via email, skype or phone. All information will be handled with strict confidentiality.


Photo taken by Tish Murtha